Bija Yoga Studio

Bija Yoga Studio
Clinton hill, Brooklyn

Bija Kids Yoga Studio in Brooklyn is probably one of our favorite projects – it’s definitely close to our hearts since we knew most of the kids (mine included) who would be using the space. Lauren, the director had a clear vision and we decided to develop a simple, clean palette that is urban but also calming and nurturing.

We carved out two studios and a reception area from the original single space. The studios are connected through an 8 foot wide custom door hung on barn door hinges. The original space had an industrial character, which we retained and complemented by painting the brick a warm white. One summery blue wall adds a splash of color. We also designed custom shelves to store all the art supplies. To add texture and enhance the entry, we poured concrete not only on the floor but also finished the side with the same texture! We painted the back wall in the reception area with chalkboard paint. Given that it’s a place for kids it seemed a fitting (and practical) way to display the classes offered! A felt area rug, bare light bulb and vintage iron chairs add to the simple charm.

We brought in our own contractor and the project was finished in a few short weeks. We love what we achieved with a few choice strokes, and we hear the kids do too!


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